UNI-SUN International has been established as the most reputable exporters with ISO 9001 certificate in Taiwan.
We UNI-SUN created a multi-service business to provide its worldwide customers a solid supply channel including manufacturing, sourcing, quality control, and logistical services.
With its in-house manufacturing of stamping/cold forming and outsourcing capabilities, UNI-SUN provides a large product range including cold forging, screw machine, deep drawing, stamping, metal assemblies, plastics, rubber components, and plastic injection molding. Our products are offered indirectly to the automotive and industrial end user, such as VOLVO, GM, Kongsberg Automotive, Tenneco, Ford, Honda, Electrolux, Husqvarna, Whirlpool, and Araco Corporation…etc.
UNI-SUN intends to be your total solutions partner for all your business needs.

Our Advantage

Global sourcing

Integration and coordination of global sourcing strategies with other family operations.


We own the stamping factory and cold forming factory.

Sort & Pack

We have the glass optical sorting machines that are adaptable to nut and screw. We have the advantage of a quality control because we can pack right after sorting to avoid the secondary pollution.

Third party inspection

Our partner, I-TAC Lab is certified by TAF.

3PL (Third-party logistics)

Customer service

Customer service site in U.S.A. to provide the immediate customer service.

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

We offer exact and forecast number of demand and supply to make sure that the buyer has the required level of inventory.

Consolidated shipment

Shipping cargo by combining several smaller shipments to make a full load. It cuts shipping costs and is separated when it reaches its destination.